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about me
Gina Palmeri Lapsansky

Hello everyone.  I usually take the Ron Swanson approach when it comes to social media, but I have made an exception to share Mindfully Flourished with you all.


I recently decided to change my lifestyle after a health scare that left me upset and annoyed at western medicine's band aid solutions.  

After delving into research, I've learned so much this past year about living a natural lifestyle and wish I would have known it sooner.  I've cleaned up my life considerably, trying to avoid as many man made toxins as possible.  I've also had the opportunity to travel extensively and want to share that adventure truly is within reach. This blog isn't meant to show off, but rather to share my life to inspire others to take advantage of this beautiful world and show that life isn't always picture perfect. Hopefully by following along with me, we can all live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle full of grand adventure and opportunity.